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The dynamic development of the Internet and its mass reach made it an ideal advertising and promotion tool. In the era of more and more computerization of the world and society, the opportunities offered to us by the Internet are enormous, and its skilful use should constitute an important position in the marketing activity of every modern and successful enterprise, both for those existing on the market for many years and for only the first steps in business. Just having a website does not guarantee our success, the real art is to promote it through the effective use of internet marketing elements, in particular SEO positioning.

What exactly is internet marketing in search engines?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the set of activities aimed at increasing the access and popularity of a website in search engines. Among the many processes included in SEM, we distinguish two basic elements: PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What do we mean by these terms?

PPC (Pay Per Click) - this is a form of advertising (usually in the form of a link or banner) for which, as in a literal translation, the advertiser pays for a click, not for displaying it. PPC is mainly identified with paid search engine results, these are links most often marked as sponsored links (most often distinguished by a bright background or border) that appear at the top of the list of searched results for a given phrase or keyword. Google has its own dedicated website for running AdWords advertising campaigns. Using a paid form of advertising on Google can be a great support in promoting your company, but it does not affect its positioning in the search results. You can find more about paid advertising in AdWords in our Ad Campaigns offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - it is a series of activities and processes that optimize websites in such a way that they achieve the highest positions in the rankings of search engine results. In the industry environment, we can most often meet the term positioning and optimization of websites. It is positioning that is considered to be the most important and effective form of promotion on the Internet, ensuring long-term results.

How Google search results are shown

For the best illustration and understanding of how the search results are presented, we will use this screenshot where we marked the 3 main sections. In the first section at the top (sometimes also at the bottom), Google presents paid ads (PPC) to us, then we have the 3 most relevant local results from Google Maps (not always presented, depending on the phrases and keywords of the query) and the section 10 organic results, i.e. the section I am interested in positioning.

So what is SEO positioning?

Have you ever wondered why the websites of competing companies (perhaps less on the market than yours) are in the first positions in search engine results, and yours is not even in the top ten (or even worse, is not even indexed)? Yes, this is an SEO positioning effect.

Why is positioning important and why is it worth being visible on Google?

There is a reason why positioning is considered the most important and most effective form of promotion on the Internet. Almost every Internet user uses search engines, and according to the latest research, 80-90% of potential customers come to our website through the Google search engine, which currently accounts for almost 95% of the search engine market share. It gives us unlimited advertising stoppage. Not being present in Google search results or ignoring positioning is limiting the possibility of reaching the widest group of recipients on the Web, and thus limiting the possibility of maximizing the profits of your own enterprise.

By positioning the website under selected phrases, we are sure that the users who find it will be our target group. To put it simply: a user who finds our website by entering, for example, the phrase "website design" in a search engine, will come to it consciously, having in mind the specific product / service he / she is interested in. In addition, by locating our website locally, we can be sure that the search results will be displayed for the area in which our company operates and proposed in the first place in Google Maps search results. Local positioning is an important element and a supplement to traditional positioning. Particularly important for industries that provide their services locally, such as restaurants, hotels, hairdressing and beauty salons, renovation and construction companies, car repair shops, entertainment venues.

Positioning a website on Google is a long-term and time-consuming process, but it brings long-term results. Thanks to effective positioning, our website will be displayed in the search results all the time, not only for the duration of, for example, a paid advertising campaign. Investing in positioning brings benefits not only for the here and now, but also for the future.

The presence of a website in Google and its high position in search results also brings many other benefits, such as increasing the company's credibility and prestige, as well as trust. If something is not on the Internet, it does not exist - it is quite a popular slogan, although it perfectly reflects the essence and sense of positioning, so it is worth getting found on Google.

In our offer you will find comprehensive positioning and optimization of websites in Google along with local positioning in Google Maps. You can find more about our service here: SEO positioning.