business cards

Design and print business cards

We offer comprehensive implementation of company business cards. We prepare unique graphic designs for business cards and provide printouts.

In the Standard package we offer graphic design of business cards, circulation of 1000 pieces, double-sided color printing, size 85x55mm, paper weight 360g, courier shipping included in the price in UK.

Please refer to our price list for standard business cards:

Quantity Price netto Design Shipment Total
500 79,99 PLN 100,00 PLN 20,00 PLN 199,99 PLN
1000 119,99 PLN 100,00 PLN w cenie 219,99 PLN
2000 199,99 PLN 100,00 PLN w cenie 299,99 PLN
3000 269,99 PLN 100,00 PLN w cenie 369,99 PLN
4000 359,99 PLN 100,00 PLN w cenie 459,99 PLN

For any other custom design and printout of business cards, a detailed quote will be sent by email after learning the details of the project.

Orders or inquiries about the valuation of the project should be sent to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.