usb cards

USB cards

Pendrive in the form of a plastic USB card with your own imprint or in the form of a business card? It is a great idea for a gift and corporate gadget for your clients and business partners. A plastic card with a USB drive is the size of a typical business card or credit card, and an individual design and print will definitely make a great impression on the person you give it and will be a great medium not only for data but also for advertising your company.

USB cards price list:

Nakład Cena/szt Projekt Wysyłka Razem netto
10 szt 49,99 PLN w cenie w cenie 449,90 PLN
25 szt 44,99 PLN w cenie w cenie 1124,75 PLN
50 szt 41,99 PLN w cenie w cenie 2099,50 PLN
75 szt 39,99 PLN w cenie w cenie 2999,25 PLN
100 szt 34,99 PLN w cenie w cenie 3499,00 PLN

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