SEO and positioning

What is SEO positioning?

As you've probably noticed, just having a website and adding it to the Google catalog or other search engines is not a guarantee of success on the Web. If you ever wondered why the websites of competing companies (perhaps less on the market than yours) are in the first positions in search engine results, and yours is not even in the top ten (or worse, is not even indexed)? Yes, it is an SEO positioning effect, the main goal of which is to increase its position and visibility in search engine results. You can read more about the benefits of positioning and the company's presence on Google in our blog article: Promotion of the company on Google.

SEO positioning (search engine optimization, SEO) is defined as a series of activities and processes aimed at achieving the highest possible position by a website in organic search results. The positioning process is an element of broadly understood internet marketing (SEM). Positioning is based on the technical and substantive optimization of websites to current standards and search engine algorithms in order to improve their position in the search results for the indicated phrases and keywords.