logo design

A company without a logo is like a person without a face

A company without a logo is like a person without a face? Definitely yes. The company's logo is the first element which a customer sees and links with the company, product, person, or action. Logo is the basic element of visual identification. So let's take care of his professional and well thought out project design.

Professional logo and logotype design

We offer you a complex service of design professional logo and logotype as well a full visual identity of companies. In our work, we rely on many years of experience and recognizing your needs. We treat each client and order individually, thanks to which our projects are always unique, we do not limit ourselves to patterns. We are open to all kinds of suggestions thanks to which we can make corrections in order to get the best end result that will satisfy your expectations. We have no limits on corrections, we work on the project until you get the expected final result in accordance with your guidelines. We always offer preparation of the initial demo project, and after its acceptance, we proceed to its implementation. We issue a VAT invoice for our services and offer copyright transfer.

The logo forms the basis of all visual identification, symbolizes everything that is a company / product today, and what it will be in the future. It enables communication between the company and the client, it is the logo that tells us how we are and what values ​​characterize us. The logotype is the foundation for the further process of visual identification, it is the basis for creating other elements such as business cards, letterhead, prints, folders, signboards and other advertising media.