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The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down. The coronavirus has changed our private and professional lives. The effects of the pandemic and its consequences forced many changes in the operation of large corporations and small local entrepreneurs. After the lockdown, many companies faced many challenges to be or not to be.

zycie po lockdown

Changes and new challenges for companies

fter the lockdown, many entrepreneurs faced many challenges to be or not to be. New safety restrictions, adaptation of workplaces and work environment, sometimes a forced change of location, relocation of the company's headquarters or office, and thus change of addresses, change and updating of business cards, leaflets, banners or other advertising materials.

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Meeting the challenges posed by this difficult time, we offer our clients assistance in the form of free updates of graphic designs, such as: changing contact details, updating offers, leaflets, banners and other advertising materials. Additionally, we offer attractive discounts and rebates on our services and products. Discounts up to -20% for graphic designs and -10% for printing advertising materials.

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In the face of the ongoing pandemic, the lives of many companies were limited to remote work, it was necessary to invest in their own servers and hosting packages, and to create a virtual work environment for their employees. Check out our special -50% hosting offer to start your first billing year!

These are just a few of the challenges entrepreneurs face after lockdwon and in difficult times of the pandemic.

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