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A business card is the oldest, simplest, and at the same time the most popular form of advertising building your business image in contacts with clients. Each company, both entering the market and existing and thriving, already uses and will use business cards.Visiting tickets, because that how they were called so when they first appeared, had completely different functions than now. They served only in socializing. The contemporary meaning of business cards has changed, they mainly serve in contacts with clients, during business meetings, fairs or conferences.

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In the following article, we'll take a closer look at how it should be designed in modern times and what elements a business card should contain.

A brief history of business cards

owever, before we get to the point, some interesting facts about business cards. Mentioning at the beginning of this article about the business card as the oldest form of advertising, I did not realize how old it is. The first traces of the appearance of business cards, and in fact a business ticket, because this was the name history indicates the fifteenth century and China, it was there that they appeared first, as well as paper. They arrived in Europe a little later, precisely due to the famous Venetian traveler Marco Polo, who brought hand-written rice paper visit tickets from the Far East. The form and styles of contemporary business cards differed from those we can meet today. Initially, in China they were limited only to the name, surname and position of the owner. In Europe, business cards were the first to be very popular in France in the 18th century. It was there that the greatest evolution of business cards took place, from simple ones on white cardboard with the name and surname handwritten and a small miniature of the author to all kinds of decorations, ornaments, drawings and views. The first printed business card found is indicated by Germany and the end of the 18th century.

Two basic types of business cards

Business cards can be divided into two types: business cards and private business cards.

The main function of business cards is advertising our company and building its image in direct and first contact with the client. The first impression we can achieve with the handing of business cards is very important in business contacts. Often it is the very form and appearance of the business card that determines the impression, whether the key information and content on it arouses interest, evokes positive emotions, will be remembered or as soon as it is put in the pocket or business card of our client, it will quickly disappear into oblivion.

Business card design

A well-designed business card should be above all simple and legible. It should contain the necessary and key information about our company and its activities, such as: Logo, contact details, address, website address, or a brief description of the offer. When designing a business card, remember about the consistency of style and color of the entire visual identity. The business card should be in the same tone as the logo, leaflets, posters, company website. The logo on the business card should be used in accordance with the proportions and size guidelines described in the logo's logo book, its location and proportion on the business card should also be thought out. It is assumed that the logo should be in the upper left corner of the business card and occupy no more than 1/3 of the height of the entire business card. When designing a business card, it is worth remembering that the character of the company is peculiar and associated with its services at a glance.

Company business cards should not contain pictures and images, it should be characterized above all by simplicity, legibility, clarity of communication, elegance and consistency with the corporate identity of the company. Usually, company business cards are one-sided, optionally on the back we place the logo in monochrome or information about social media channels (depending on the company's business profile).

In the case of private business cards, or if you prefer personal maneuver, the room for maneuver is much greater and we do not have as many guidelines as for business cards. One thing does not change - readability, regardless of the type of business card will always be the supreme value. A common practice in the design of personal business cards is the name, surname, academic title, position or degree and contact details placed on a white background (e.g. business cards of lawyers, academics), but it is also not difficult to find creations filled with colors and various effects.

Business card dimensions and shape

Contrary to appearances, the dimensions of business cards are not the same everywhere. Depending on the country, they can vary from a few to several inches. It is assumed that a modern business card should be the size of a credit card and not exceed 90x55mm in size. The printer's offer currently includes various types of business card shapes, horizontal, vertical, rounded, etc. Regardless of their shape, it is important that they fulfill their basic functions and dimensions do not exceed the standards so that they fit in the card holder or pocket, otherwise they will probably go to the trash.

Business card material and printout

Many printing companies offer many options for printing material. The accepted standard ensuring the best quality are business cards printed on white chalk paper with a weight of 300-350g min. In order to make your business card more attractive, we can use matte, glossy foil or highlight individual elements with UV printing.

Where to print business cards

In the Internet age it is not difficult to find a printing house where we can print our business cards quickly. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer comprehensive project design and printing of business cards, which can be found at this link: business cards.

In the Standard package we offer business card graphic design, circulation of 1000 pcs, double-sided color printing, size 90x50mm, paper weight 350g, courier shipping included in the price in Poland.


Nowadays, probably no one needs to be convinced about the need to have a business card, about the important role it plays especially in business, where almost every business meeting ends with a polite exchange of business cards. Just having a business card is not everything, it is worth bearing in mind how it should be designed and what it should contain. I hope that the above article approximated and pointed out the features of a well-designed business card that fulfills its functions.