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Features of a good logo, what the logo should be A company without a logo is like a person without a face? Definitely yes. The company's logo is the first element which a customer sees and links with the company, product, person, or action. Logo is the basic element of visual identification. So let's take care of his professional and well thought out project design.


What should have a well-designed logo

The logo in order to perform its functions, should be designed in a thoughtful and careful manner. The best designs of logos and logos are characterized by several common features that determine their success. It is worth knowing and remembering them when we are designing or when we order in profesional designer. The most important features of a well-designed brand include:

  • Simplicity – the principle is one, the simpler and less complicated the design is, the logo is better. Simplicity and minimalism make the logo more recognizable and most of all universal.Speaking about the simplicity of the logo, it is worth remembering that the logo should not consist of more than 2-3 colors, similarly when it comes to the typeface, a maximum of 2 fonts. The best examples are the logos of the largest brands and the direction in which they have evolved, I will use here an example of the shape of Apple's bitten apple, the logo has been in use since 1977 and replaced the original logo only a year after the company was founded. Below is a photo showing the first logo designed by Ronald Wayne and the current logo, whose creator is Rob Janoff.
  • logoapple
  • Originality – another important characteristic of a good logo design is its originality, which makes the logo recognizable. The logo should be unique in itself, not limited to duplicate patterns and modeled on others, it should stand out and bring direct associations with the company and its business profile which will ensure its success. When I peaking of originality of logo straightaway comes to mind the dynamic arc of so-called Nike Swoosh, is there anyone who does not associate this trademark?
  • logonike
  • Universality – it is also an important feature, a well-designed logo should be faithfully reproduced in various printing techniques and scales regardless of whether it will appear on the business card or on the wing of the aircraft. The logo should always be designed in vectors, avoid all kinds of gradients or other filters that will not be visible and mapped e.g. with an engraving on advertising materials such as a flash drive, pen, etc.
  • Clarity of the message – one of the main functions of the logo is to represent the brand and the company. The logo must be understood by the recipient or potential customer and reflect the nature and profile of the company. An important element of the accuracy and clarity of the logo's message is therefore its color, typography and graphic elements of the logo. All of this must be well thought out and designed.

  • Timelessness – an important but often forgotten feature of a good logo design is its timelessness. An effective logo is one that remains the same over the years and can stand the test of time, and its recognition is shaped and preserved in memory over time. It is difficult to predict what will be the trends and standards over the next years, so the greater the art and craftsmanship of the designer in the implementation of such a logo. Probably the best example of timelessness are the logos of such Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Disney companies that have remained the same for many years or have undergone only minor modifications. However companies decide to rebranding quite often and there is nothing wrong with that. Many of logos do not fulfill their tasks for a simple reason, previous logos were not good enough. This is another argument confirming the importance of a well thought out and designed company logo. Below are some examples of timeless logo designs. Who doesn't know them?

Probably no one needs to be convinced of the importance and marketing benefits of having a good logo. Designing a good logo or logotype is not an easy task, it requires not only skills but also experience, knowledge and good recognition of the topic. In the article above I presented five of the most important features that a good logo should have.

We're talking about theory here, and how does it look in practice? Based on my own experience, I can say that creating a good logo is a long and complex process. Whether a logo is successful is influenced not only by the above-mentioned features, but also by color, typography, shapes, all of which must compose well and form a whole.

Customers very often expect to create a logo or logotype in a few days. I am not saying that a good logo cannot be designed in 2 days, because it can. However, it's worth giving yourself time to think about the topic, what the logo should present, what values, associations and emotions it evokes to whom it should be addressed. It often happens that the first idea, the concept is the best and we immediately know that this is the 'it', but when we look at it the other day, it turns out that we see and have completely different concepts in our minds or see other solutions, you must not limit yourself it is worth creating several concepts for one solution, and then choosing the best solution or their combination. When designing a logo, do not be afraid to spend the right time on it and trust the specialist. Creating a logo is best entrusted to a specialist, attempts to design something yourself quickly without the appropriate knowledge, experience, skills and software can end in a flop, not a marketing success. Remember that the logo is to serve us for years and be consistent with the entire corporate identity of our company.

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