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Do you think of the simplest and easiest way to make money online? The first thing you think of is Google AdSense. I guess everyone who runs a blog or website has heard about this form of making money on advertisements. AdSense is still one of the most popular forms of advertising on the Internet, but still as profitable as it used to be? In this article I will try to present how well it works and how much you can earn on AdSense and how much you can earn on it.


To begin with, I would like to say a few words of clarification what AdSense is, this is how Google defines its flagship advertising service:

AdSense is a free service that allows web publishers to easily earn money by displaying apt Google ads.

How does AdSense work?

Once you have registered your account, you can configure the ads that will be placed on the site and their display and visitors' interactions will generate revenue for us. Once you have set up your ads, the only thing you have to do is to decide where your ads are to be displayed, think about their layout and place them on your site so that they generate the highest revenue, all the rest will be taken care of by Google. AdSense aligns text and display ads to your site based on its content and the users who visit it. Advertisements are created and paid for by advertisers who promote their products. The amount of earnings may vary because advertisers pay different prices for different types of advertising.

Here is how you can describe AdSense in three points:

  • You share your advertising space;
  • Google will display the most profitable ads on your website;
  • You will receive money for the traffic generated by advertising on your website;

You share advertising space by pasting an advertisement code into the site and choose where you want to display your advertisements. Advertisers bid the price of your advertising space in an auction that takes place in real time. The most profitable advertisement is displayed on the site. Google settle up all advertisers and advertising networks that display advertisements on your website to ensure payment for you.

Who is AdSense for?

Adsense is a solution for both individuals and businesses. In both cases, you should settle up your income and pay the tax due to the State Tax Office. After registering in the system and configuring the advertisements, we start to make money by the generated traffic from advertisements on our website. Once a certain threshold has been reached, we can pay out the accumulated funds. However, we won't receive them right away. First Google will verify our account and send us an activation code by post, after which we will be a fully fledged Google partner..

How much can you earn?

The main AdSense exponent is the website audiences. A matter of fact, the bigger audience of our website, the more likely to be interested in advertisements. It is worth remembering, however, that Google does not pay for displaying, but for clicking on advertising and generated traffic. The greatest optimists cannot assume that every visitor will click on an advertisement. Based on my own research and experience with AdSense, about 5 - 10% of all advertisements views give us profitable clicks. The rates for clicks on AdSense advertising are variable and it is difficult to determine exactly how much we will earn for a single click. We can assume that the average click rate is between £0,15 - £0,40.

For example, for a website that has a daily audience of 1000 views when at least 5% of them click on the ad, our account will be enriched by £7,50, which gives us £225 per month. It’s not bad for a start, we are talking about only 1000 views per day. What if we have a website that generates 10 000 views per day? Again, let's take the lower limit of the likelihood of clicking on an advertisement as 5% of all the views. 10000 x 5% = 500 clicks in advertising, 500 x £0.15= £75 = 75 x 30 days per day = £2250 per month. In this way, we can estimate how much we can earn with Adsense advertising based on the audience statistics of our website. The above calculations are of course estimated and for their accuracy I have taken the lower average click in advertising and click rates. It cannot be assumed that this will always be the case, everything depends on many factors such as website viewing, traffic generated by advertisements or the attractiveness of the industry for rates.

Payment process

All payments from AdSense are settled up monthly if you have exceeded the payment threshold. These thresholds vary from your currency, for example in the case of the US dollar it is $100, for the UK pound it is $60. However, before you receive the first AdSense payment in your panel, you will need to provide Google with some information such as: a form of tax settlement, verification of your address (Google will send a letter with a PIN code to your home address, which you will have to enter in the payment settings), a form of payment (transfer, cheque, Western Union Quick Cash). If your address is verified and you have correctly provided the above information, you will receive funds between 21st and 26th of the month.

AdSense is not for fraudsters

Google is a problem-free partner unless we try to cheat by unfairly generating traffic and clicking on the advertisements displayed and we stick strictly to the rules. Google does not tolerate any fraud attempts and is consistent in the fight against them. If any attempt to cheat is detected, we will be blocked and the likelihood of blocking is low.

AdSense and Adblocker

Faced with the crowd of adverts that the web is covered with, almost every web browser now offers the possibility of blocking advertisements. According to recent studies and reports conducted by the PageFair and Adobe on blocking advertising worldwide, the average monthly number of blocking tools in Europe is estimated at 77 million, and in the USA at 45 million. This means that some 6% of the world's internet population uses blocking tools. The highest percentage of users of advertising blocking tools is in Greece (36%), Poland (34%), Germany (24%) and the UK (20%). These numbers continue to grow and this is not only for computer users but also for mobile devices that are already equipped with advertising blocking systems. These figures show measurably what impact this could have on our advertising revenues. Let's look at the above calculation of estimated revenues from sample 10000 ad views, where 5% of them will generate traffic and bring us about £75 per day. Estimating that 20% of users are using tools to block our advertising, our earnings will already amount to £60 and instead of £2250 per month, it will amount to £1800, which is £450 less. Considering how many potential advertisements are blocked, the question is: Is there a way to fight against AdBlocker? The answer is no. We do not have any influence on which applications the users visiting our website use. The only thing we can do in this situation is to disable access to the site. Such a solution is used very rarely, they can afford only pages with a very high audience and established position on the market where users will be loyal enough to disable adblocker in order to use the site's resources.

On picture below handy solution from portal Filmweb, where full access to the site will be allowed once Adblock is disabled.


In conclusion

AdSense continues to lead the web in terms of form of making money on contextual advertising but contextual advertising itself is no longer necessarily. Adsense is easy to configure and manage, providing a trusted and proven form of cyclical settle up. To the detriment of AdSense there are rates that are much lower compared to a few years back. For example, compared to Youtube advertisements. More about earning money on YT you will find under this link. In Adsense, we still earn only on clicks, the number of views only increases the chances of clicking but has no influence on the amount of rates. The amount of ads on the web irritate users, more and more Internet users are using programs and plug-ins to block advertisements and new versions of browsers offer Adblocker as standard. This has a measurable impact on fewer advertisement displays and the ability to get clicks. Adsense still has a raison d' être and skillfully distributing them can generate profits, although it is slowly being superseded by affiliate contracts and affiliate programs that offer commissions on referral sales. The selection of advertising and marketing tools depends to a large extent on the industry and the products. AdSense will be worthwhile for some, while for others AdSense will not be completely justified.