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At the end of last month, Microsoft announced a list of the latest updates and features that will be added and removed from the Windows 10 operating system. One of the victims of the autumn update of the system was well known to everyone and how it turns out to be very popular MS Paint. This simple raster graphic editor which first appeared on Windows 1.0 appeared in 1985 and was an integral part of it for 32 years to be removed from Windows. As it turns out, contrary to earlier plans, Microsoft Paint will not be "killed". All thanks to Windows users, who shortly after the announcement of this information by Microsoft unleashed a real storm on the network, social media spiral, and Microsoft has been overwhelmed with requests to leave Paint alone. Ultimately, Microsoft has been pressured thanks voice users, MS Paint has been rescued, and what's even more to be extended to Paint 3D.

Paint saved

Paint in its original version was limited to just a few simple functions and allowed to save images in only two formats BMP and PCX. Although later versions have been improved, Paint has remained a fairly simple and poorly-edited graphics tool, but has garnered the sympathy of millions of Windows users. Paint has never been intended for professional use with computer graphics, and allows for simple and fast image file editing for a typical operating system user and certainly for that purpose he fulfilled the task of the task. To this day, many users use it for this type of operation. Who of us did not put their first steps in graphics in MS Paint? Who did not create the first drawings, who did not save screenshots, who did not crop and change the size of the photos? It is also worth mentioning that despite the presence of many freeware programs on the market, Paint is still the primary working tool for many art lovers of Pixel Art.