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YouTube is currently the second biggest search engine after Google, making it the second most popular web site in the world and therefore the second biggest source of our potential customers. YouTube advertising has many advantages and opportunities that we aren't even aware of. On the pages of this entry I will try to zoom in advertising in YT and why shouldn’t we ignore our presence on this platform.


For a start, relying on the data presented by YT, I will quote some figures and statistical facts to realize what a powerful advertising platform is YT.

  • YouTube has over a billion users - almost one third of all people using the Internet. YT viewers watch daily hundreds of millions of hours of movies and generate billions of views.
  • The number of viewers aged between 18 and 34 and between the ages of 18 to 49 who watch YouTube, even if they only count on a mobile version, is greater than that of any cable television in the United States.
  • More than half of all YouTube views come from mobile devices.
  • YouTube has local versions in more than 88 countries.
  • YouTube is available in 76 languages, covering 95% of all Internet users.

Two formats of advertising

Advertising in YT is similar to Google Adwords. Based on demographic criteria, locations, keywords, specific videos or channels, interests, or the subject matter of your videos, we choose our target audience for which our ad will appear. This ensures that the advertisement is targeted precisely to the group of our potential customers who may be interested in our offer. In short, advertising will not be like the TV shows for everyone. YT offers two formats of advertising: TrueView In-Stream and TrueView In-Display.

TrueView In-Stream

Probably all of us, while watching films on YT saw short video ads (usually 30 seconds) before the actual movie (sometimes in the movie) that we want to watch. It is actually a TrueView In-Stream ad called pre-roll.

Below is a video clip promoting dj studio created just for pre-roll. All interested in creating this type of advertising clips I invite you to contact.

An essential element of this type of advertising is having your own video clips. Short promotional videos can be edited by ourselves or entrusted to the professionals. Finding businesses and freelancers dealing with this is not a problem, I can immediately recommend the specialists in this field. If we do not have any experience in assembling this type of film, it is useful to take advantage of this second option. Unlike television, the shorter ad, the better.

The most important is the first 5 seconds of the promotional video. Why? Displaying the first 5 seconds of a video is guaranteed, it will usually depends on whether our ad would generate interest and consequently the user clicks on our site or simply clicks the skip and targets watching the video.

The advertiser pays only for watching the entire clip or 30 seconds if the clip is longer. In practice, this means that the first 5 seconds of the video will see everyone who our ad will be targeted to, if user skips it, you will not pay for it. Simple and clear rules, advertiser pays only for the displayed ads that have interested users.

TrueView In-Display

These types of ads are very similar to the ads from Adwords. They may appear both in sponsored video search results and sponsored link to a movie alongside other suggested videos on a given topic.

Advertising costs in YT

For pre-roll as I mentioned earlier, YT guarantees us to display the first 5 seconds of the clip, we pay only for the full video clip or 30 seconds. When it comes to TrueView In-Dispal ads, the display itself is free, but we pay only when clicked on by a user. Once you've determined and configured your ad type, we can determine the budget of our advertising campaign. YT recommends a daily rate of £ 7.83, which increases your video views by 500-600 a day. The budget we can freely determine, for comparison, with a daily budget of £ 1 gives us up to 100 views per day.

YT also offers the form of Masthead banner ads on the homepage and the guarantee of displaying all clips without skipping. Terms and costs of such advertisements are determined directly with YT representatives.