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Actually what about those cookies? It is no doubt the first thought of every of us who by entering his favorite websites greeted him with a small dialog box at the bottom or top of the screen saying: This page uses cookies, and the only option to select and close the window was: I understand. How many of us clicked on it, and did you really think about what cookies are all about? I will explain right now and here what this is and why it suddenly appeared on most websites.


What are cookies files?

Cookies are textual information that is sent by the server and written on the user's side, most often on the hard drive. Only the server that created the cookie can read the information contained within them by the default cookie parameters. Cookies are most commonly used in the case of probes, online shops, logon modules, site statistics.

Use of cookies

Cookies may contain different types of information about the person visiting that web page and the history of his or her website link, and more specifically, the server. Most cookies are used for the purpose of generating a dedicated user page. This makes it possible to create personalized web pages, log in, or shop for online stores. Also, cookies are often used to collect site activity statistics.

Where did the sudden mess of cookies come from?

Cookies are nothing new, they have been with us forever, but there was no obligation to inform the users. The amendment to the Telecommunications Law, which entered into force on March 22, 2013, is responsible for the display of these cookies with information on the use of cookies by Internet sites. Under this amendment any web site that uses cookies must inform its users.

Does use cookie files use unequivocal with the obligation to inform users about this?

According to the amendment of the Tele-regulation Law - yes, but there is one exception. Website does not need to inform users about cookies if: use of them is necessary for proper functioning of the site or requires, for example, execution of the operation by the user, but a website does not collect information for statistical purposes or to target the advertisement. To put it simply, if our site has a login panel or language option, it is obvious that cookies are used to store logon information or select user-specific language, but the site does not have ads or traffic monitoring systems on page.

If you are still not sure about the cookies used by our site, you can use the free tool Cookie Checker, after entering our domain, the tool generates a report of cookies used by our site.