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In recent days in Internet we can see stormy discussions and comments on the vote on the logo for the Polish under the loud slogan: "The new logo for the Polish", and yet it will not be overwriting our national emblem! And you already voted? How do you assess a "spring" Wally Olins?

Nowe logo Polski

By the way shame that such actions create the same officials, and they choose the contractor (nay, know him even before the shares), because why not organize an international competition, where the disposal of 200 thousand PLN and not limited to a single concept (though that quite good) only one contractor?

Details and voting available on the organizer's website available at this link.


We know the results of the whole action as many people prefer called as social debate. The Poles decided that the second project (in middle on picture above) was the closest to their vision of a potential logo and trade mark for Poland. The winning logo has accumulated 96034 votes out of 187536 total votes. These results are in no way binding and do not imply that the winning logo is already polish trademark.

Here is what we can read in the official statement summarizing the whole action and results:

"Between 14 October and 14 December Poles gave their votes on one of three logo designs that were indicated as potential trademarks of our country.The campaign triggered a very important and widely publicized debate on the unification of the visual identity of our country.The project met with many voices of support but also criticism. In Poles opinions prevailed over the idea of accepting the ideas contained in the POLSKA Brand Communication Policy, suggesting further work on the same execution of logotype projects. This document will therefore be the starting point for the further process of social dialogue and the information and education process in the area of national branding. We invite all the environment for expressing opinions, conducting discussions and consulting around the search for a trade symbol for the POLSKA brand. Your contribution will be invaluable in the process of unifying the visual identity of our country."