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Corporate Identity

The graphic design of a company is an integral part of the company’s image which influences its identity, and the viewer’s and client’s perception. Corporate identity determines the market value of a company and a product. The skilful use of it is necessary to become known and achieve success. How will your company be perceived by clients is largely influenced by the system of visual identification. What is it and why is it so important in creating an image of the company? By the notion of corporate identity of a company we mean symbols and activities used to obtain the consistent identification and make the company recognizable. Most people are visuals and their reaction to what they see is often more effective in the perception of a company/a product, than information given by the best commercial agents.



Promotion on The Web

The dynamic development of the Internet and its global character made it a perfect advertising and promotion tool. In the times of progressing computerization of the world and societies, the Internet gives us enormous opportunities, and its professional use is significant in every modern and successful enterprise, both in these present on the market for many years, and these which are taking the first steps on the market. However, the very fact of having a website is not a guarantee for success. The art of being a successful company is the promotion of website with the use of Internet marketing tools, primarily SEO.