logo and branding

What is corporate identity

Graphic image of a company is an integral part of a corporate image, which influences its identity and its perception by the public and the contractors. A corporate identity determines the market value of the company and the product, while skillful management is the foundation of the occurrence and success on the market. The way how Your company will be perceived by the customers and contractors depends, to a great extent, on the visual identification system. So what is it and why is it so important in creating a company's image on the market? The concept of corporate visual identity defines the entirety of symbols and behaviors used in the company that aim at creating consistent identity and brand distinction on the market. People, in majority, are visualizers, and that is why what they can see has frequently a greater impact on the perception of the company/product than what, even the best, sales representative can present.

A company without a logo is like a man without a face

The most important visual element of company identification is its trademark or logo/logotype. It is the basis for all the visual identity, it symbolizes everything what is the company/product now, and what it will be in the future. The logo, in order to fulfill its functions, should be designed in an industrious and careful manner, should be faithfully reproduced in various printing techniques and scales regardless of whether it is displayed on a business card or on an airplane.

A logo/logotype consists the foundation for the further process of a whole identification, it is the basis for creating other elements, such as: business cards, letterhead, forms, folders, signs and other recordable media ads.

A unified visual identification system based on the elements such as logotype, color and typography creates the style by which the company or product will be identified. It inspires trust among the customers and counterparties, which contributes directly to the formation of brand on the market. The basic goals of visual identification include: drawing interest, attracting attention, differentiating from the competition, originality and attracting customers. Visual identification should be carried out in an industrialized way, conforming to the characteristics of the company, being original and attentive, it should also shape and perpetuate the positive impression.

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